Fanime 2009: Anime and Manga For Grownups - Anime

Fanime 2009: Anime and Manga For Grownups - Anime

This page is a list of titles I refered to while doing my Anime and Manga For Grownups panel at Fanime Con 2009. I am posting this list by request as several audience members had not heard of many of these works.

There are so many anime released in the US that it takes a certain degree of effort to search out those titles one may like. A degree of effort few have time for.


AD Police (OVA)

Armored Trooper Votoms

Ayakashi Samurai Horror Tales

Banner of the Stars

Bubblegum Crisis OVA

City Hunter

Countdown Conjoined

Crest of the Stars

Diamond Daydreams

Doomed Megalopolis



Ghost In The Shell

Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex

Ghost Slayers Ayashi

Goku Midnight Eye

Grave Of The Fireflies

GTO v.1-10

Gunsmith Cats


Hellsing Ultimate

Lupan III

Macross TV

Maison Ikkoku



Millennium Actress

Mirage of Blaze &Rebels of the Rivers Edge

Mobile Suit Gundam 0080, 0083

Mobile Suit Gundam Movie

Mobile Suit Gundam MS08

Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta

My Neighbors the Yamada's

Nadia TV

Night On The Galactic Railroad

Otaku No Video

Patlabor 1, 2, WXIII

Perfect Blue

Place Promised in Our Early Days


Please Teacher

Porco Rosso

Riding Bean

Royal Space Force Wings Of Honneamise

Rumiko Takahasi Anthology

Rurouni Kenshin OVA trust and betrayal

Samurai Champloo

Tales of Seduction

Tales Trilogy

They Were Eleven

Whisper Of The Heart

Wicked City

Yawara Box 1

You're Under Arrest

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