Mentions of Me

With my speaking and being a convention guest reports of my activities are turning up on the web and in print.

I figure this may be useful, or even of interest, to some folks.

I must point out that some errors about my background show up on a few pages so check my Bio page for information on my life.

I also have a page of reviews of the Anime Companion.

Since this page just deals with me I have added a picture of Lum from the Urusei Yatsura anime and manga series to keep it from being so boring.

Urusei Yatsura was one of the most fruitful sources of information for The Anime Companion.

This image is copyrighted by Kitty Films. All Rights Reserved

This and other images of characters from Urusei Yatsura, and other anime are available from the AnimEigo web page.

On the Internet:


Animation World Magazine Issue 5.9 - December 2000

Interviews:, a Spanish Mac site intervewed me. The English version is here:


There is an interview of me in the January 2006 issue of LO Magazine

You can download the entire issue for free as a PDF file at:

It is a couple of megs in size so if you are using a dial up connection expect to wait.


Images from Conventions with commentary.

Fanimecon 2000:

A Fans View Fanimecon 2000.

A Fans View Fanimecon Day 3 Authors.

Fan's view Anime Convention Personality of the Week - Aug. 20, 2000.

Otakon 2000:

Nikkou's San francisco Journal, well while it is not about Otakon it is abouty a stoip she made on her way there.

Project A-Kon 2000:

A Fan's View Project A-Kon 2000 Authors.

Images from Conventions without commentary.

Anime Expo 1999:

Anime Expo 1999 - Anime web Turnpike.

Fanimecon 2000:

From Linus Lam's Coverage of Fanime2k.

Fanimecon 2002:

From Convention Fun Per Outis.
Click on the photo to see all the chairs in use.

Otakon 2000:

Nikkou's pics from Otakon 2000.

Project A-Kon 2000:

Anime Heretics.

Other Media:

On Video:

In the extras portion of the Anamatrix DVD I am one of the people interviewed.

In Print:

My web site is reviewed:

Gilles' Service to Fans Page; Vivienne Sales; Library Journal, New York; Feb 1, 2003; Vol. 128, Iss. 2; pg. 32, 2 pgs

My web pages are mentioned in:
Webwatch. (Infotech). (manga and anime online resources) Vivienne Sales.
Library Journal Feb 1, 2003 v128 i2 p32(2)

Mark Anime? Manga? Huh? (Brief Article) WALTER MINKEL.
School Library Journal Jan 2001 v47 i1 p36

San Francisco Chronicle 1-13-98

OK OK so there's not much stuff here yet. Just wait until I excavate the clippings from my mess.

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