A Few Travelers, A Few Weeks + Tokyo = ?

This page is the result of organizing a list of places friends and I may want to visit to better plan our ramblings in Tokyo. It very much reflects our interests in items not often covered in guidebooks and in keeping spending low.

Some of the items on this list are included as landmarks rather than places to visit, however these may of of interest to some.

How to use this guide:
Decide where to go, then look that location up and see what is nearby. Then go and wander about and see what else you find.

The first part of the chart is organized by map numbers from the Japanese / English Bilingual Atlas of TOKYO Covering All 23 Wards published by Tokyo Chizu Publishing. The atlas is now out of print but used copies show up on occasion on Amazon Japan, I highly recommend people track down used copies it is more than worth the cost. I am also including page numbers from the easy to obtain Tokyo City Atlas published by Kodansha USA. Both of these books cover the heavily built up older center of Tokyo, the Bilingual Atlas of Tokyo is in far more greater detail. I highly recommend the Bilingual Atlas of Tokyo over the Tokyo City Atlas.

When something mentioned is not in one of the atlases I will list the area where it is and note it as Not Visible. In some cases for unnamed religious sites on the maps there is a torii symbol for a Shinto shrine or a manji (swastika) for a Buddhist temple, I will note when this is the case. I am also attempting to include Google links either to a Street View of the entrance/approach or a Google Map View of the location.

The second part of the chart, closer to the bottom, is from Shobunsha's Tokyo Metropolitan Atlas and used for items in Tama and some areas outside Tokyo.

I first created this guide for a trip with friends in 2007 so we could better coordinate our plans and found it quite useful. I again navigated with groups on visits Tokyo in November 2009, October 2011 and the new Year period of Dec 2012 - Jan 2013. In our trips interests ranged from theater, arts and crafts, history, religion, anime, manga, cinema, foods, natural sciences, music, street life, clubs, and the day-to-day details of Japanese culture.

I am including many parks for rest periods and breaks, plus for an interest in botanicals. In some cases the parks themselves are the attraction. Related to this are tall buildings with views as a way to get oriented in an area or just enjoy a view.

This is very much a work in progress, I have a list of places to add to the page so keep checking back. I will also try to locate official, or just plain informative, web sites for many of the places in this guide. I also wish apologize for typos, non-standard transliterations and errors. This project is being put together very quickly from a variety of sources.

  Bilingual Atlas of Tokyo
1:10,000 scale
Tokyo City Atlas
What's there: Resources to read for further information. Notes, including links:
  16       Ikebukuro   TMG p.120-131   This area is known for many shops and restarants catering to fujoshi. These are mainly on the street unoffically known as Otome Road which runs North East starting next to the Sunshine 60 building. The area is very crowded on weekends.  
  16 C4
Not Visible marked by manji
      Homyo-ji   EWG p.177   Near the Minami-Ikebukuro Elementary School and Tokyo College of Music.
Google Maps
  16 D2
Not Visible
7 D3
      Animate Ikebukuro   TMG p.128   Across Otome Road from the Sunshine 60 building.
Google Maps streetview
  16 D2
Not Visible
7 D2
Not Visible
      Lashinbang Honten (main store)   TMG p.130   This store specializes in second hand dōjinshi and anime goods.
3-2-4 Higashi Ikebukuro
Google Maps streetview
  16 D2
Not Visible
7 D2
Not Visible
      Mandarake Ikebukuro   TMG p.130   This branch of Mandarake specializes in Boys Love and yaoi materials.
3-15-2 Higashi Ikebukuro, in the Lions Mansion Building
Google Maps streetview
  16 D3
Not Visible
7 C3
Not Visible
      Comic Toranoana   TMG p.130   New and second hand manga, DVD, dōjinshi and anime goods.
1-13-4 Higashi Ikebukuro
Google Maps streetview
  16 D2
Not Visible
7 D2-3
Not Visible
      Anime Shop K-Books   TMG p.131   Strong on cosplay materials.
3-2-4 Higashi Ikebukuro
Google Maps streetview
  16 D2
Not Visible
7 D2-3
Not Visible
      K-Books Premium Pavilion   TMG p.131   Specializes in dōjinshi for men.
3-2-5 Higashi Ikebukuro
Google Maps streetview
Note there are something like 4 K-Book shops in this street.
  16 D2
Not Visible
      K-Books Ikebukuro Comic Pavilion   TMG p.131   Used books, manga and light novels.
Higashi Ikebukuro Building
3-11-1 Higashi Ikebukuro
Google Maps streetview
  16 D2
17 A2
Not Visible
      K-Books Ikebukuro Dojin Pavilion   TMG p.131   Boys Love and other related material for women
3-12-12 Higashi Ikebukuro
Google Maps streetview
  16 D2
17 A2
Not Visible
      Volks Ikebukuro Showroom   TMG p.130   A specialty shop for figures, dolls, garage and model kits
3-12-5 Higashi Ikebukuro
  17 D1   49 H4-5   Koganji [Togenuki Jizo]   TN&T p.334   Google Maps streetview  
  18 B2     Bikugien Garden      
  18 C2   50 A5
Not Visible
  Fuji Jinja (Has a Fuji mound)   EWG p.187
TN&T p.333
  Google Maps streetview  
  18 C3   50 B5   Kichijoji Temple (Bunkyo-ku)   TN&T p.337
EWG p.185
  Google Map of area  
  18 C3   50 A5   Meaka Fudo (Nankoku-ji Temple)
1-20-20, Honkomagome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
  EWG p.185   One of Edo Goshiki Fudo.
Some pictures of the temple and area.
Google Maps streetview
  18 C3
Not Visible
  50 A5   Yosho-ji   EWG p.186   Next to Meaka Fudo  
  18 C4-D4       Kozen-ji   EWG p.183      
  19 A3       Sudo Koen Park   EWG p.187      
  19 A4 & B4   50 C6   Yanaka       This area in Taitō Ward still preserves vestiges of Old Tokyo.  
  19 B3   50 C6   Asakura Chōso-kan       a museum about the famous sculptor Asakura Fumio.
Google Maps street view just skips pas the museum, this link is a good as I could get.
  20 C2   51 E5
Not Visible
  Jōkanji [Nagekomidera]   TN&T p.210-11
EWG 114
  The infamous "Throw Away Temple", where the bodies of Yoshiwara prostitutes who had no one to claim the corpse were taken. A large mausoleum nera the center of the cemetery houses the ashes of thousands.
Google Maps Street view
  20 B2   51 E5   Minowabashi station       The terminal station on the Toden Arakawa Line, one of the last streetcar lines in Tokyo.
Google Maps Street view
  20 B3   51 E6   Meki Fudo (Eikyu-ji Temple)
2-14-5, Minowa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
  EWG 115   One of Edo Goshiki Fudo.
Google Maps (center)
  20 C2   51 F5
Not Visible
  Eko-in (Kozukappara Eko-in Senja)   TN&T p.213
EWG 114
  Google Street view only shows the graveyard from the street.  
  20 C2
Not Visible
  51 F5
Not Visible
  Kubikiri Jizo   TN&T p.215-   A large Jizo statue in the grounds of Eko-in. This location is next to the former execution grounds where the heads of the executed would be displayed.  
  22 C1       Zōshigaya Kishibo-jin   EWG p.175   Susuki mimizuku, owls made of suzuki are a folk craft associated with this area.
Google Street View
  22 D1       Zoshigaya-Reien Memorial Park   EWG p.177   Google Street View  
  22 D1
Neither Visible both marked by manji
      Honnoji and Seiryu-in   EWG p.177      
  22 D2   57 F1
Not Visible
  Mejiro Fudo (Kinjo-in Temple) 2-12-39, Takada, Toshima-ku       One of Edo Goshiki Fudo.
Google Maps Street View
  22 D3       Nanzo-in   EWG p.178   Google Street View  
  22 D3
Not Visible marked by a torii
      Hikawa-sha   EWG p.179   Google Street View  
  23 A2       Kiyoto Kishibojin   EWG p.181   The grounds contain the oldest candy store in Tokyo founded c1700  
  23 A4   57 G2   The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum       A museum about performing arts at Waseda University  
  23 B1       Toshimagaoka-goryo Memorial Park   EWG p.177      
  23 B1   49 G6   Gokukuji, Kishibojin   TN&T p.344      
  23 B1   49 G6   Gokokuji Temple          
  23 B3   57 G1   Chinzanso garden   TFF p.175      
  24 A1   50 A6   Koishikawa Botanical Gardens          
  24 B1   50 A6
Not Visible
  Hakusan shrine (Hakusan gongen)   TN&T p.333
EWG p.183
  Google Street View  
  25   22   Ueno Koen & Museums   TFF p.158   Ueno Park information PDF at the Bureau of Construction website.  
  25 A1       Daimyo Clock Museum          
  25 A3       Takehisa Yumeji Museum       Takehisa Yumeji (1884-1934) was a major artist and illustrator who was largely self taught. He established many visual conventions that were to later influence shōjo manga. The museum has a small footprint, you can easily walk past and not notice it, but is several stories tall and makes up for it's small rooms by having such an interesting collection. The gift shop also contains an excellent selection of books on Taishō and Shōwa illustration. Google Street View.  
  25 C1   50 C6   Kaneiji in Ueno   TN&T p.160      
  25 C4   22 B5   Shitamachi Folkways Museum       Devoted to the history of the lower elevation portions of Edo/Tokyo that were traditionally occupied by ordinary folk with all of their businesses and activities. The first floor includes reproductions of small shops you can enter, the second floor has an extensive exhibit on many of the sights of Taito-ku through history.  
  26   23   Asakusa       The home base neighborhood  
  26 A2
Not Visible
  23   Akiba Jinja       Google Street View  
  26 A3   59 E1
Not Visible
  Kappabashi, Sogenji Kappadera   TN&T p.143   If you plan to visit the Kappa Shrine call ahead several days in advance and make an appointment (in Japanese) to see the inside. It is customary to bring a small cash offering in an proper envelope to give the person who is showing you the shrine.
Google Street View
  26 A4   58 D1   Inaricho   TN&T p.146-47      
  26 A4
Not Visible
marked by manji
  59 E2
Not Visible
  Seikyōji   TN&T p.148   On Asakusa St going toward Ueno it is the second temple after Kappabashidori, Hokusai's grave is there.
Google Street View
  26 B3
Not Visible
  23 F2
Not Visible
  Asakusa Imahan       A famous sukiyaki restaurant near the Asakusa View Hotel. In the Doomed Megalopolis anime you can see the sign of the older building in the background at one point.
Google Street View
  26 C2       Edo Shitamachi Traditional Crafts Museum (Edo Shitamachi Dentō Kōgeikan)       Devoted to the extensive traditional crafts of Edo/Tokyo. Much of what you find in this museum is new, the crafts are still practiced and the neighborhood is one of the richest for such artisans in Japan.
Google Street View
  26 C3   23 G2   Dembo'in Tanuki shrine, also known as Chingodo.   TN&T p.196   A small and very interesting shrine to tanuki.
Google Street View
  26 C4
Not Visible
  23 G4   Asakusa Cultural and Sightseeing Center       Across the street from the temple gate and koban.  
  26 C4
Not Visible
      Chinya       Another of Asakusa's famous sukiyaki restaurants, this one in a red brick building.
Google Street View
  26 C4
Not Visible
  23 F3
Not Visible
  Angelus coffee shop   TN&T p.186   Google Street View  
  26 D2   59 F1   Honryu-in (Matsuchiyama Shōten)   TN&T p.197-98      
  26 D3   23 H2-H3   Sumida Koen       You catch the Himiko water bus to Odaiba from here.  
  28 C4       Nuke-benten (Itsukushima Jinja)   EWG p.173      
  29 B2
Not Visible marked by manji
      Sosan-ji   EWG p.173   Google Street View  
  30 C1   58 A2   Bunkyo-ku Civic Center 25f   TFF p.443   Views Need to check times open  
  30 C2   20 C1
Not Visible
  Japan Baseball Hall of Fame       Located in the large complex of shops and attractions surrounding Tokyo Dome.
Google Street View from nearby.
  30 C2   20 C1   Hōshō Nohgakudo (Nō Theater)          
  30 C4
& D4
  20 C4, 58 B3   Jimbōchō   TFF p.360   One neighborhood, 146 bookstores. This area should be a weekday trip.
Near the end of October is the Furuhon Matsuri (used book sale) in Jimbocho.
  30 D1   58 E1-2   Hongo area   TN&T p.301      
  30 D1       Bunkyo Historical Museum       Google Street View  
  30 D2       Tokyo Waterworks Historical Museum       An excellent series of exhibits on the development of the water supply system for Edo and Tokyo.
Google Street View
  30 D4
Not Visible
  20 E3   Meiji University Museum
Archaeological Museum
Criminal Museum
  TFF p.260   Both housed in the same building.
Closed: Sundays, national holidays.
Google Street View
  30 D4
Not Visible
  20 E3
Not Visible
  Meiji University
Yoshihiro Yonezawa Memorial Library of Manga and Subcultures
      Mondays and Fridays  14:00-20:00
Saturdays and Sundays  12:00-18:00
Closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Google Street View
  31 A1     Rinshoin      
  31 A4   20 F3   Holy Resurrection Cathedral
(Nikolai Cathedral)
    Close to Yushima Seido  
  31 B1   58 C2   Yushima Tenjin Shrine   TFF p.212      
  31 B3   21 F2   Yushima Seido   TFF p.228   Wikipedia entry  
  31 B3   21 F2   Kanda Myōjin Shrine   TFF p.205   There is also a museum.  
  31 C1   22 B5   Ameyoko Shotengai       A famous energetic shopping area with good prices.  
  31 C4   21 G3   Akihabara   CAC p.22   Plenty of places to see, especially Tora no Ana, Mandarake and other otaku specialty shops.  
  31 C4
Not Visible
      Hobby Lobby Tokyo   TMG p.106   Kaiyodo's only shop.
Located on the 4th floor of Akihabara Radio Kaikan.
NOTE: Radio Kaikan is being rebuilt, set to open in 2014.
  31 B3-4
Not Visible
      Gamers   TMG p.107   A very large variety of goods under one roof with an event space.
1-14-7 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku.
Google Street View
  31 B3
Not Visible
14 B3
Not Visible
      Mandarake Complex   TMG p.107   The Akihabara branch of the famous Mandarake second hand shops.
3-11-12 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku.
Google Street View
  31 C3
Not Visible
14 B3
      Don Quijote Akihabara   TMG p.108   The Akihabara branch of the famous discount variety store chain which stocks Akiba related goods.
Google Street View
  31 C3
Not Visible
14 B3
      Animate Akihabara   TMG p.109   The Akihabara branch of the famous shop, next door to Comic Toranoana.
Google Street View
  31 C3
Not Visible
14 B3
      Toranoana and Comic Toranoana   TMG p.109   Two shops next each other and to Animate Akihabara.
Google Street View
  31 C4
Not Visible
      Yellow Submarine Scale Shop   TMG p.106   Model kits, garage kits and related materials.
Located on the 7th floor of Akihabara Radio Kaikan.
NOTE: Radio Kaikan is being rebuilt, set to open in 2014.
  32 A3   59 E2
Not Visible
  Torigoe jinja   TN&T p.129-30   Kyugetsu dolls.
Google Street View
  32 B1       Hompoji Temple        
  32 B3
Not Visible
  23 G5   Bandai HQ       Google Street View  
  32 B4       Tokyo Mizube Cruising Line Ryogoku Landing Fields        
  32 C3       Kantō Earthquake Memorial Museum       Located in Yokoamichō Park. This is a memorial to the dead of the 1923 Kantō Earthquake, the WWII fire bombings and other disasters that have hit Tokyo.
Google Street View
  32 C4   59 F2   Edo-Tokyo Museum       An excellent museum on the history of Edo and it's later transformation and history as Tokyo. Recommended as an early stop in visits to the city.
Google Street View
  32 C4   59 E3
Not Visible
  Ryōgoku Kokugikan Sumo Museum   TFF p.288   Accessible when there are no other events happening at the sumo arena.
Google Street View
  32 C4   59 E3   Yasuda garden   TN&T p.398-400      
& 4
  26   Shinjuku Area     In 2011 we explored other parts of the neighborhood we did not see in 2007.  
  33 A1       Jogan-ji Temple        
  33 A2       Yayoi Regional Center        
  33 B4       New National Theater        
  33 B4       Tokyo Opera City        
  33 C2       Jyuni-sha-gongen (Kumaro jinja)   EWG p.163      
  33 C2   26 B3-B4   Shinjuku Central Park   TFF p.156      
  33 C2   26 B4   Metropolitan Government Building
view 45f
  TFF p.440   Views Need to check times open  
  33 C2   26 B4   Tokyo Tourism Information Center In the Metropolitan Government Building       To pick up any information which may be of use.  
  33 C2   26 C3   Shinjuku Sumitomo - 51f   TFF p.441   Views Need to check times open  
  33 C3
Not Visible
      MannenYa   "Lost in construction"   A cool shop with a specialty in construction worker's clothes.
Located in the bright yellow building at Nishi Shinjuku 3-8-1, close to the Park Hyatt Tokyo hotel.
Google Street View
  33 C3       Juniso Hot Spring        
  33 D1   26 D2   Shinjuku Nomura 49-50 f   TFF p.442   Views Need to check times open  
  33 D1       Joen-ji   EWG p.163      
  33 D2   26 D3   Shinjuku Center - 53 f   TFF p.442   Views Need to check times open  
  33 D4
Not Visible
  26 C6   Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum At the Bunka Gakuen Women's University       Google Maps  
  33 F2       Prince Arisugawa park   TN&T p.390-391      
  34 A1   57 E3   Kabuki-cho          
  34 A1   27 E2
Not Visible
  Omoide Yokocho (Memory Lane) aka: Shonben Yokocho (Piss Alley)       A large selection of tiny eating and drinking places built shortly after WWII partly directly under the train tracks and popular with office workers. The nickname originated from the lack of public toilets in the area until rather recently.
Google Street View
  34 B1   27 G2   Golden Gai       a wonderful cluster of small bars that has survived urban development. Twice a year they have a flea market, we attended the October 2007 one by delightful accident.  
  34 B1   27 G2   Hanazono Shrine   TFF p.202   Sundays have a Flea Market.  
  34 B2   27 G3   Isetan Dept. Store (Shinjuku)       I've been told to check out department stores, especially basements.  
  34 B3       Tenryuji       TN&T p.429  
  34 C2   27 H3   Taisoji (Shinjuku)   EWG p.165
TN&T p.429
  Taisoji temple features a larger than life statue of Enma Daio (aka 'King Yama').
Google Street View
  34 C2       Jokakuji       TN&T p.428-9  
  34 C2       Tozenji   EWG p.138
TN&T p.401
  34 C3   27 G5-H6   Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden          
  34 D2
Not Visible marked by manji, near D1
      Jito-ji   EWG p.173   This temple was a favorite of Koizumi Yakumo (Lafcadio Hearn).
Google Street View
  35 A2       Zensyoji Temple          
  35 A3   57 G4   Tokyo Fire Department Museum       Covering firefighting from the Edo Period to today. Located in the Yotsuya fire station.  
  35 A3       Oiwa Inari   EWG p.71   The famous shrine connected with the Yotsuka Kaidan kabuki play.
Google Street View
  35 B2       Shinjuku Historical Museum,       In Shinjuku at 22 Saneicho
Google Street View
  35 B3       Aizenin temple        
  35 B3       Sainen-ji   EWG p.71      
  35 C3
Not Visible marked by manji
      Shinpo-ji   EWG p.18   Google Street View  
  35 C4
Not Visible
      Ichigawa Hachimangu   EWG p.75   Google Satellite View  
  35 C4       Sophia University        
  35 D2
Not Visible
  19 E4   Nihon Kiin (Japan Go Association)       Google Street View  
  36 &
42 1C
  8   Imperial Palace       Because it's close to Masakado's Mound.  
  36 A1   18 C2   Yasukuni Jinja   TN&T p.61      
  36 A4       Hirakawa Tenjin Shrine        
  36 A4       National Theater of Japan        
  36 B1       Nippon Budokan        
  36 B1       Tayasu-mon        
  36 B1
Not Visible
      Tayasu Inari   EWG p.026   Google Street View  
  36 B2       Kitanomaru Koen park        
  36 B2       National Museum of Modern Art (crafts gallery)        
  36 B2       Yamatane Musium of Art        
  36 B4       Hanzo-mon        
  36 C1
Not Visible
      National Showa Memorial Museum       Google Street View  
  36 C1       Kudan Kaikan hall        
  36 C1       Shimizu-mon        
  36 C2       National Museum of Modern Art        
  36 C2       Science Museum        
  36 C3       East Gardens of the Imperial Palace        
  36 C3       Kita-Hanebashi-mon        
  36 C3       Tenshukaka site        
  36 D2       Statue of Wake-no Kiyomaro        
  36 D3       Obansho        
  36 D3       Ote-mon        
  36 D3       Sainei-kan        
  36 D4       Fujimi-Yagura        
  36 D4       Kikyo-mon        
  36 D4       Tatsumi-Yagura        
  36 D4       Wadakura Fiuntain park        
  37 A3
Not Visible,
9 A4
  8 C2   Masakado's Mound       To pay our respects to the guardian of Tokyo.
Google Street View
  37 A4   8 D4   Tokyo Station       From this area you can walk North to Kanda or South to the Ginza.  
  37 A4       Marunouchi OAZO        
  37 C2   9 G1   Takarada Ebisu Jinja       In October the Bettara Ichi (Japanese Radish Pickles Fair) is held here.  
  37 C3   9 F2   Mitsukoshi       A major department store, Mitsukoshi started business as Echigoya in 1673.  
  37 C3       Bank of Japan Currency Museum       An excellent museum on the history of money in Japan. The small gift shop has some interesting items.  
  37 C4       Edo bashi        
  37 C4   9 G3   Nihon Bashi Bridge       This bridge was the 'zero' marker for distances from the city during the Edo Period.  
  37 C4
Not Visible
  9 G3   William Adams Monument       Located at 1-10, Nihonbashi-muromachi, Chuo Ku on the street. Visible in Google Street View as an inscribed stone between two buildings.  
  37   9   Nihombashi area   TN&T p.082      
  37 D3       Ningyocho        
  37 D4       Koami Jinja        
  38 A1       wholesale district        
  38 A1       Asakusa bashi bridge        
  38 A1       pleasure boats        
  38 A3       Meijiza Theater        
  38 A3       Ningyocho        
  38 A4       Suitengu Shrine   TN&T p.121-22      
  38 B1   59 E4   Eko-in temple   TN&T p.250-1      
  38 B1       Ryogoku-bashi        
  38 B1       Yanagi bashi        
  38 B2       Enoshimasugiyama jinja        
  38 B2       Tokyo Mizubi Cruising line Hamacho Landing fields        
  38 B3       Hamacho park        
  38 B3       Shin-Ohasi bridge        
  38 B4       Kiyosu bashi        
  38 B4       Tokyo City Air Terminal        
  38 C1   59 E3   Ryogaku station, sumo area   TN&T p.249      
  38 C1
not Visible
  59 E3   Kira's mansion       the location of the mansion of Lord Kira of Chūshingura/47 Ronin fame.
Google Street View
  38 C3       Basho Museum        
  38 C3
Not Visible marked by a torii
      Fukagawa-jinmyogu   EWG p.130   Google Street View  
  38 C4       Basho-An Shiseki Tenbo Garden        
  38 C4       Fukagawa-Inari Shrine        
  38 C4       Bashoanno-Koseki   EWG p.133      
  38 D2
Not Visible marked by manji
      Miroku-ji   EWG p.129   Google Street View  
  39 A4       Hokyo-in temple        
  39 B1       New National Theater        
  39 C1       Japanese Sword Museum   TN&T p.435   A small museum devoted to swords.
Google Street View
  39 C3       Yoyogi Hachimanji   TN&T p.436-437      
  39 C4       Fukusenji Temple        
  39 D1       Meiji Jingu Treasure Museum       Google Maps location  
  39 D2       Meiji Shrine        
  39 D3       Yoyogi Park        
  40 A1
Not Visible
  28 A1   Jinja Honcho (Association of Shinto Shrines)   TFF p.318   Need to check times open.
Google Street View
  40 A2       Meiji Shrine        
  40 A3       Meiji-Jingu Imperial Garden        
  40 A3       Shobu-Den        
  40 A4   56 D6   Yoyogi park   TFF p.159
TMG p.89
  I've been told Sunday is best time to visit the park and the nearby Harajuku area, especially to see the dancers on the weekends  
  40 A4   56 D6   Jingu-bashi   TMG p.90   The famous bridge where people gather to dress up in a veriety of styles and costumes.  
  40 A4   28 A5   Harajuku       Near Yoyogi park and Meiji Shrine.  
  40 B1       National Noh Theater        
  40 B3       Togo Jinja        
  40 B4   28 A6   Ōta Memorial Museum of Art       Famous for its Ukiyoe collection.  
  40 C1       Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium        
  40 C2
Not Visible marked by a torii
      Sendagaya Hachimangu (has a Fuji mound)   EWG p.166   Google Street View  
  40 D2       Jingu Gaien (Meiji Jingu Outer Garden)        
  40 D2       Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery          
  40 D2       National Stadium        
  40 D3       Jingu Stadium        
  40 D4       Baisoin Temple        
  41 A1 Not Visible       Ichigyo-ji (一行寺)   EWG p.073   South of the expressway.
Google Map View
  41 A2       Jingu Gaien (Meiji Jingu Outer Garden)        
  41 A2       Meiji Kinenkan        
  41 A3       Icho-Namiki Maidenhair Tress Ave        
  41 A4       Aoyama Cemetary        
  41 B2       Grounds of the Akasaka Estate        
  41 B4       Nogi-jinja   EWG p.069      
  41 C2       Myogonji [Toyokawa inari]   TN&T p.372-374      
  41 C3       Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS)        
  41 D2       Akasaka Fudoson Temple        
  41 D4   16 B6   Hikawa Jinja   TN&T p.375      
  41 D3
42 A3
  16 C3   Sanno Hie Jinja   TN&T p.48-50      
  42 A1       Hirakawa Tenjin Shrine        
  42 A1   19 H1   National Theatre of Japan       Kabuki, Noh, Bunraku, and other Japanese traditional performing arts  
  42 A1       Supreme Court        
  42 A2       National Diet Library        
  42 B2   17 F2   Parliamentary Museum   TN&T p.51      
  42 B4   17 F6   Toranomon Kotohiragu (aka Kompira san, Kotohira Jinja)   TN&T p.376      
  42 C1       Fushimi-Yagura        
  42 C1       Kokyo Sei-mon        
  42 C1       Nijubashi        
  42 C2       MPD        
  42 C2       Sakurada-mon        
  42 C3       Hibiya Park        
  42 C3       Tokyo-Metro Hibiya Public Hall        
  42 C4
Not Visible
  17 H6
Not Visible
  Japan Sake Center   TFF p.344, 420   Next door to WINS.
Google Street View
  42 D1       Kokyo Gaien (Outer Garden Of The Imperial Palace)        
  42 D2       Bronze Statue of Masahige Kusunoki        
  42 D2       Imperial Garden Theater        
  42 D3       Hibiya Chanter        
  42 D3       Nissay Theater        
  42 D3   10 C3
[gift shop]
  Tokyo Takarazuka Theater       It is hard to get tickets to see a show due to them selling out early, if you plan to go have someone you know buy them for you in Tokyo. The gift shop is just to the left of the entrance.  
  42 D4
Not Visible
  10 C5
Not Visible
  Ginza Hachiman Shrine   TFF p.202   This tiny shrine is located in the Hachikan Building at 8-4-5 Ginza, not far from the Nikko Hotel  
Not Visible.
11 C3
  10 D4   Ginza Nō Theater       Google Street View  
  43 A2       Tokyo International Forum        
  43 A3
Not Visible
    Yakitori Alley       A street of yakitori and other food places under the tracks at Yurakucho station.
Here is a good review of what to expect: The Wandering Aramean - Dining under the train tracks: Tokyo’s Yakitori Alley
Located roughly where the o in Yurakucho is on this map:
Google Map View
  43 A4   11 E3   Ginza Shusse Jizō-son   TN&T p.100   Located on the roof of the Mitsukoshi department store. This may not be accessible to the public.  
  43 A4       Mitsukoshi        
  43 B1       Daimaru        
  43 B1       Tokyo Station        
  43 C1   9 F5   Takashimaya       A major department store.  
  43 B3 Not Visible   11 G1   Tokyo Metropolitan Police Museum       Next to the intersection of Chuo-dori and the expressway.
Google Street View
  43 B4   11 F1
[gift shop]
  Kabuki-za     Perhaps the most famous kabuki theater in Japan. They have a gift shop that stocks the NHK region free DVD releases of many famous plays.  
  43 D3       Kirin Brewery        
  43 D3       Teppōzu Inari Jinja   TN&T p.77      
  44 A4       Sumiyoshi Jinja        
  44 C1   59 F5   Kiyosumi Garden   TN&T p.242      
  44 C1       Kiyosumi Park        
  44 C2       Hojoin Temple        
  44 C2       Shingyoji Temple        
  44 C3       Monzennakacho   TN&T p.237-240      
  44 D1   59 F5   Fukagawa Edo Museum       A wonderful museum reconstructing the buildings one would have found in the Fukagawa area of Edo in the 19th century. The gift shop has some books in English which are available only at the museum.  
  44 D1       Reiganji Temple        
  44 D1       Ryukoin Temple        
  44 D3       Tomioka (Tomigaoka) Hachimangu   EWG p.127      
  44 D3   59 F6   Fukagawa Fudo do (Narita temple)   TN&T p.237-240      
  45 A1       Koga Masao Museum of Music        
  45 A2       Museum of Modern Japanese Literature        
  45 A3   64 C1   Nihon Mingeikan (The Japan Folk Crafts Museum)   TN&T p.441      
  45 D1       NHK Broadcasting Center        
  45 D2   30 A3   Kanze Noh Theatre          
  46   30   Shibuya       Perhaps visit on the same day as nearby Harajuku.  
  46 A1       Yoyogi National Gymnasium        
  46 A2       Denryokukan Electric Power Museum        
  46 A2
6 B3
      Tokyu Hands   TMG p.85   A very large store with all kinds of gear, think of it as a combination hardware and department store. This is the Shibuya branch of the chain.
Google Street View
  46 A2
6 A2
      Tobacco and Salt Museum       A small museum with exhibits on the international history of two objects of trade. They have an interesting gift shop that even sells traditional Japanese flint and steel kits for starting fires.
Google Street View
  46 A3       Center Gai   TMG p.81   One of the main streets for hanging out in this area.  
  46 A3
6 C2
      Nonbei Yokocho       A small neighborhood of tiny bars and eateries, many have not changed their sign or look in 60 years.
A good selection on the Shibuya 246 site: Nonbei Yokocho
Google Street View
  46 A3
Not Visible
6 B3
Not Visible
      Mandarake Shibuya   TMG p.85   The Shibuya branch of the famous store for second hand and discounted anime and manga goods.
Google Street View
  46 B3
Not Visible
      Chosen-ji   EWG p.155   Google Street View  
  46 B1       Kiddy Land        
  46 B2       National Children's Castle        
  46 B3
Not Visible
      Mitake-jinja   EWG p.157   Near Miyamasuzaka slope, instead of the usual guardian dog statues this shrine has guardian wolf statues.
Google Street View
  46 B4       Konno Hachmangu   TN&T p.440-441      
  46 C4
Not Visible
      Hikawano jinja   EWG p.159   Google Street View  
  46 C4   31 H6   Kokugakuin U Home Page   TFF p.258
TFF p.259
  Kokugakuin U Archaeological Museum
Kokugakuin U Shinto Museum
  47 A1       Aoyama Cemetary   EWG p.155      
  47 A3       Chokokuji temple        
  47 B1       Nogi Jinja        
  47 B2       National Art Center        
  47 B3
13 C3
  14 D6   Roppongi Hills Mori Building
Observation deck 52 floor
  Roppongi Hills web site   Admission fee charged: ¥1,500  
  47 C1
&13 A3
  16 B2   Suntory Museum of Art   TN&T p.377      
  47 C2       Roppongi Crossing        
  47 C3       Roppongi Hills        
  47 D1       Ark Hills        
  47 D1       Hikawa-myojin   EWG p.065      
  47 E4       Chomeiji, benten   TN&T p.260-1      
  48 A1       Ark Hills        
  48 A1
Not Visible
      Chosen-ji   EWG p.65   Google Map View  
  48 A1       Okura museum   TN&T p.378      
  48 A1       Yosen-ji   EWG p.65      
  48 B2       Atago jinja (Atagoyama)   EWG p.57      
  48 B2       Museum of Broadcasting        
  48 B2
Not Visible
      Tentoku-ji   EWG p.58   Google Street View  
  48 B2       Seisho-ji   EWG p.57      
  48 B3       Tokyo Tower        
  48 B4       Shiba Maruyama Ancient Tomb        
  48 B4       Toshogu Shrine        
  48 B4   12 D5   Zojoji Temple   TFF p.197   This temple has a large number of Jizo statues.  
  48 D1
Not Visible
& 12 B4
  10 B6   Karasumori Inari   EWG p.55   Google Street View  
  48 D3       Hama-Rikyu-Teien        
  48 D4       Kyu Shibarikyu Onshi Garden        
  49 A3       Hama-Rikyu Garden (Hama-Rikyu-Teien)        
  49 B2
Not Visible, marked by torii
  66 C1
Not Visible
  Nami-yoke Inari Shrine   TFF p.207   Google Street View  
  49 B2       Tsukiji Market        
  49 C1   10 H6 & 66 C1   Nishi-hongan-ji-gomon-ato [Tsukiji Honganji] (Jodo Shinshu)   TN&T p.109
EWG p.50
  49 D1   66 D1   St Lukes Tower 47 f   TFF p.445   Views Need to check times open  
  49 D4       Harumi Island Triton Square        
  49 G6       Zoshigaya cemetary   TN&T p.343   Lafcadio Hearn is buried here.  
  50 A1   66 D1
Not visible
  Sumiyoshi Jinja   TN&T p.114-15      
  50 A1       Tsukuda        
  50 A4       Harumi Island Triton Square        
  50 A5       Rikugien - The Garden of the Six Definitions   TN&T p.335      
  50 B1       Meijimaru        
  50 B1       Meijitenno seiseki        
  50 B4       LaLaport Toyosu        
  50 B6       Nezu Jinja   TN&T p.313-315      
  50 C6       Daimyo clock museum   TN&T p.315      
  51 A2       Ikejiri-inari Jinja        
  51 C1       Hikawa Jinja        
  51 C4       Jufukuji Temple        
  51 E6       Yoshiwara Otori Jinja   TN&T p.209-10      
  51 G6       Mukojima Hyakkoen, garden of 100 flowers   TN&T p.262      
  52 A4       Shogakuji temple        
  52 C4   36 B2   Top of Yebisu in the Yebisu Garden Place Tower building, 39th floor   TFF p.444   Views Need to check times open  
  52 C4   36 B2   Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography          
  52 D2       Shounji temple        
  52 D2
Not Visible
      Tohoku-ji   EWG p.160   Google Street View  
  52 D4   36 C2   Beer Museum Yebisu, in the Sapporo Breweries HO building       Free admission closed Mondays  
  53 B1       Prince Arisugawa Memorial Park        
  53 C1
Not Visible
      Kensu-ji and cemetery   TN&T p.389      
  53 C1       Moto-Azabu Hills        
  53 C1   65 H2   Zempukuji   TN&T p.387   This temple has a ginko tree that is over 750 years old.  
  53 D4       Yurei Zaka Slope        
  54 B1       Shiba Maruyama Ancient Tomb        
  54 B1       Toshogu Shrine        
  54 C2
Not Visible
      Shiba Atago Jinja   TN&T p.364      
  54 D1       Kyu Shibarikyu Onshi Garden        
  55 C3   66 C3   Harumi Passenger Terminal 1, 3, 6f   TFF p.446   Views Need to check times open  
  56 B1       LaLaport Toyosu        
  57 A1       Saichoji Temple        
  57 A2       Komatsunagi Shrine        
  57 A2       Setagaya Kannon        
  57 B1       Ashiketsuka's Monument        
  57 B2       Koshin-sha Shrine        
  57 C2       Myokenji Temple        
  57 C3       Tokamori Inari Jinja        
  57 D2       Yutenji Temple        
  57 F2       Ana Hachiman   EWG p.171      
  58 A1       Shogakuji Temple        
  58 A2       Chosenji temple        
  58 A2       Koishikawa Karakuen garden   TN&T p.323-26      
  58 B2       Meguro Museum of Art        
  58 B3 C3
Not Visible
      Iwaya-Benten   EWG p.153      
  58 B3
Not Visible
  65 E6   Meguro Parasitological Museum   TFF p.279   Cool t-shirts, cards and a popular place for couples.
Google Street View
  58 B3       Otori Jinja        
  58 B4   65 F5   Meguro Fudōson (Ryusen-ji Temple)
3-20-26, Shimo-meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
      One of Edo Goshiki Fudo.
  58 C2       Yushima jinja (Tenjin)   EWG p.091
TN&T p.293-95
  58 C3       Daienji Temple        
  58 C3   65 F5   Meguro Gajōen       Meguro Gajōen entry in the Anime Companion Supplement.  
  58 C4       Joju'in (Tako Yakushi, Meguro [octopus yakushi temple])   TN&T p.409-410      
  58 C4       Ten'onzan Gohyaku Rakanji   TN&T p.410-413   Contains statues of the 500 arhats  
  58 D1       Institute For Nature Study        
  58 D1       Musashino Botanical Garden        
  58 D2       Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum        
  58 D4       Costume Museum        
  59 A1       Institute For Nature Study        
  59 A2       Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum        
  59 C1       Kakurin-ji   EWG p.150      
  59 C3
Not Visible
      Koya-ji   EWG p.150      
  59 C4       Museum of Logistics          
  59 D2   34 A1   Sengakuji temple   TFF p.194
EWG p.138
  The 47 ronin graves are here.  
  59 F6       Eitai Street, Fukagawa Fudo Hall   TN&T p.240-42      
  59 F6       Fukagawa Tomioka hachiman shrine   TN&T p.236      
  59 H2       Ryugen-ji (Hotei)   EWG p.124      
  60 D2 & 61 C2   66 B4-D5   Rainbow Bridge       We walked across from Odaiba in 2007, there are great views of the area from the bridge.  
  61 C3       Daisen Daiba Shiseki Park        
  61 C4
67 C1
  66 C-D5   Odaiba   TFF p.449   Odaiba Beach
Shops, views, and the old daiba islands
  61 C4       Aqua City        
  61 C4       Fuji TV        
  61 C4       Odaiba Kaihin Park        
  61 C4       Tokyo Joypolis        
  62 A3       Tokyo Metropolitan Water Science Museum       A small museum with a very interesting four screen theater where they show a documentary on the water flow from the mountains of Western Tokyo to the taps in the city. The theater projection system uses all 4 screens to create an immersive experience.
Google Street View
  62 A3       Tokyo Water Works Science Museum, aka Sewerage Exhibition Hall "RAINBOW"       Google Street View  
  62 C4   67 E5   Tokyo Big Sight   TFF p.101, 447   The 8th floor has good views of the area.  
  63 A4       Sakura-inari Jinja        
  63 B1       Himonya Park        
  63 B1       Itsukushima Shrine        
  63 B3       Himonya-hachimangu        
  63 C3       Enryuji Temple        
  63 C4       Takagi Jinja        
  64 A1       Rinshino-mori Park        
  64 B3
Not Visible
      Musashi Koyama Shopping Street (aka: Palm)       Almost a full kilometer long a good place for rainy days as the street is covered.
Google Street View of the entrance near the Musashi-koyama Station.
  64 C1
Not Visible marked by manji
      Jyoju-in (Tako-Yakushi)   EWG p.151   Google Street View  
  64 C3       Medicinal plant garden        
  65 B1
Not Visible
      Hoto-ji   EWG p.152      
  65 B3       Irugi Jinja        
  65 B3       Kannonji Temple        
  65 C3       Gate City Osaki        
  65 C3       Osaki New City        
  65 D2       Gotenyama Garden        
  65 D2       Hara Museum of Contemporary Art        
  65 D3       Shinagawa Jinja   EWG p.141   Known for the Tenno-sha festival  
  65 D3       Shinagawa jinja   TN&T p.404   Has a mini Fuji
21 F-3 in the Tokyo Metropolitan Atlas
  65 D4       Tokai-ji   TN&T p.404-405
EWG p.141
  65 F5       Daienji   TN&T p.413-414      
  66 A3       Ebara jinja   TN&T p.403      
  66 B1       Hama Detached Palace   TN&T p.98-99      
  66 C1       Tsukiji Fishmarket   TN&T p.106      
  67 C3       Museum of Maritime Science        
  67 C3       Tokyo Wangan Police Station        
  67 D1       Daikanransha (giant ferris wheel)        
  67 D1       Palette Town        
  67 D4       Oedo Onsen Monogatari        
  1:30,000 scale                  
  67 C1       Aqua City        
  67 C1       Fuji TV        
  67 C1       Odaiba Kaihin Park        
  67 C1       Tokyo Joypolis        
  69 A3       Heirinji Temple        
  69 B3       Hikawa Jinja        
  69 B3       Tofukuji temple        
  69 B4       Renkoji temple        
  69 C1       Asaka City Museum        
  69 D1       Honsenji Temple        
  69 D2       Daiunji temple        
  69 D2       Kongoji temple        
  69 D4       Wako Forest Park        
  70 A3       Kinsenji temple        
  70 A3       Myotenji temple        
  70 A3       Torinji Temple        
  70 B3       Fukiage Kannon temple        
  70 B4   39 H5   Akatsuka Botanical gardens and Manyo Medicinal plant garden   TFF p.167      
  70 B4   39 H5   Itabashi Ward Historical Museum          
  70 B4       Shorenji Temple        
  70 C1       Myokenji temple        
  70 C4       Shogetsuin temple        
  70 C4       Suwa Jinja        
  70 D1       Kanninji Temple        
  70 D4       Kitano Jinja        
  71 A1       Shokakuin temple        
  71 B2       Jofukuji temple        
  71 C2       Kawaguchi station        
  71 C3       Kawaguchi Jinja        
  71 C3       Zenkoji temple        
  71 D1       Saihojo temple        
  71 D4       Sairenji temple        
  72 A2       Kichijoji Temple        
  72 A3       Jissoji temple        
  72 B1       Hikawa Jinja        
  72 C1       Saigani temple        
  72 C4       Nishiarai Daishi Temple (Sojiji)          
  72 D3       Entenji temple          
  73 A1       Super Bathhouse Yamato          
  73 B1       Otori jinja          
  73 E5       Honmonji (Nichiren temple)   TN&T p.415   A drum beating ceremony takes place on Oct 13, the anniversary of Nichiren's death  
  74 A3       Hie Jinja          
  74 A3       Mizumoti Park          
  74 A4       Nanzoin temple (Shibarare Jizo temple)          
  74 C3       Hompukuji temple          
  74 C3       Hongakuji temple          
  74 C4       Koroku Jinja          
  74 D1       Mammanji Temple          
  74 D2       Awasu Jinja          
  74 D2       Koshoji temple          
  74 D2       Ryuzenji Temple          
  74 D3       Kazahaya Jinja          
  74 D3       Shojoin temple          
  74 D4       Hei Jinja          
  74 D4       Joshoan Temple          
  74 D4       Shinmei Jinja          
  75 A1       Jomyoji temple          
  75 A1       Museum of History and Folklore          
  75 A2       Mangyoji temple          
  75 A4       Nyoirinji temple          
  75 B1       Hodaiji temple          
  75 B2       Inari Jinja          
  75 B3       Daijoin Temple          
  75 B3       Myofukuji temple          
  75 B3       Suwa Inari Jinja          
  75 C2       Hosshin temple          
  75 C3       Hikawa Jinja          
  75 C3
Not Visible
  46 C2
Not Visible
  Tōei Animation Gallery       In Higashiōizumi  
  75 C4       Shakuyu Park   TN&T p.451 - 454      
  75 D1       Doshida Hachimangu Shrine          
  75 D2       Yasaka Jinja          
  75 D2       Shakuji Jinja          
  75 D2       Sampoji temple          
  76 A1       Doshida Hachimangu Shrine          
  76 A2       Hongakuji temple          
  76 A4       Chomeiji temple          
  76 B2       Atago Jinja          
  76 B2       Kitano Hachiman Shrine          
  76 B3       Aisenji Temple          
  76 B3       Kasuga Jinja          
  76 C2       Hikawa Jinja          
  76 C3       Honjuji templle          
  76 C3       Kotokuji temple          
  76 C4       Juikkaji temple          
  76 D1       Empukuji temple          
  76 D2       Konjoin temple          
  76 D2       Emmyoin temple          
  76 D3       Hikawa Jinja          
  76 D3       Kodenji temple          
  77 A1       Jorakuin temple          
  77 A2       Nihon Shodo Museum          
  77 A2       Tenso Jinja          
  77 A3       Anyoin temple          
  77 A3       Hikawa Jinja          
  77 B1       Ichirizuke milestone          
  77 B3       Hikawa Jinja          
  77 B4       Asama Jinja          
  77 C1       Fumonin temple          
  77 D2
Not Visible
      Ogiya restaurant   TN&T p.342      
  77 D3       Oji Inari jinja (Oji-Inarisha)   TN&T p.342
EWG p.191
  A fox toy with a moving arm is sold at this shrine.  
  77 D4       Togenoki Jizo temple          
  77 D4       Zenyoji temple          
  78 A2       Seikoji temple          
  78 A4       Muryoji temple          
  78 B2       Emyoji temple          
  78 B3       Araka Yuen Amuesent Park          
  78 C2       Kichijoin temple          
  78 C2       Zuioji temple          
  78 D2       Myooin temple          
  78 D2       Sekibara Fudo temple          
  79 A2       Tokyo Detention Center          
  79 A4       Koroku Jinja          
  79 B2       Yakushiji temple          
  79 B3       Myogenji temple          
  79 B3       Renshoji temple          
  79 B4       Gokurakuji temple          
  79 B4       Horikiri Iris Garden          
  79 C2       Emyoji temple          
  79 C2       Katrori Jinja          
  79 C2       Kenshoji temple          
  79 C2       Renkoji temple          
  79 C3
Not Visible approximately where the 飾 is.
      Katsushika City Museum          
  79 C4       Katsushika Ward office          
  79 C4       Saienji temple          
  79 D2       Sainenji Temple          
  79 D3       Aoto Jinja          
  79 D3       Mommyoji temple          
  80 A2 & A3       Shitamata   TN&T p.272   This is the part of Tokyo made famous by the Tora-san movies.  
  80 A2       Taishakuten Daikyōji   TN&T p.274-77   The temple market street leads up to the entrance, you really should take this route from the train station with all the shops.
Google Street View
  80 A3       Hachiman Jinja          
  80 A3       Shibamata Station          
  80 A3       Katsushika Shibamata Tora-san Museum
(Tora-san Memorial Museum)
      A museum devoted to the famous Tora-san movies.
Closed: The 3rd Tuesdays
If you follow the road to the nearby Edogawa river you can take the Yagiri Ferry across to Chiba. This is an old fashioned hand rowed ferry boat. For much of the year the boat only runs on weekends.
Google Street View (Under the "overpass")
  80 B1       Hozoin Temple          
  80 B2       Joanji Temple          
  80 B2       Sairenji Temple          
  80 B2       Yagiri Jinja          
  80 B3       Honkyuji Temple          
  80 B4       Shinkoin Temple          
  80 C2       Ichikawa History Museum          
  80 C3       Komponji Temple          
  80 C3       Ruins of Shimousa Provincial Nunnery          
  80 C3       Senyoji Temple          
  80 C3       Soneji Temple          
  80 C4       Koboji temple          
  80 D1       Hie Jinja          
  80 D1       Hompoji temple          
  80 D2       Hongenji Temple          
  80 D2       Keikokuji Temple          
  80 D2       Koroku Jinja          
  80 D4       Shimousa Kokubunji Temple          
  81 A2       Higashi-Fushimi Inari Jinja          
  81 A3       Hachiman Jinja          
  81 A3       Inari Jinja          
  81 A4       Hosenji Temple          
  81 B2       Fuijime-Ike Pond          
  81 B2       Musashi Seki Park          
  81 B2       Wakamiya Hachmangu          
  81 B3       Hachimangu Shrine          
  81 B4       Inokashira Benten shrine          
  81 B4       Inokashira Park          
  81 B4       Inokashira Zoo          
  81 B4       Taisenji Temple          
  81 B4       Yuzo Yamamoto Memorian Museum          
  81 B4 & 87 B1       Ghibli Museum          
  81 B4 & 87 B1       Kotorinomoro (Forest of Birds)          
  81 C1       Hikawa Jinja          
  81 C1       Sampoji Temple          
  81 C1       Zempukuji Temple          
  81 C1       Igusa Hachimangu Shrine          
  81 C1       Zempukuji Park          
  81 D1       Chihiro Art Museum          
  81 D2       Igusanomori Park          
  81 D2       Kansenji Temple          
  81 D3       Hachiman Jinja          
  81 D3
Not Visible
  55 E1
Not Visible
  Suginami Animation Museum       English flier.
Located nor far from the Post office
Google Street View
  81 D4       Tenso Jinja        
  82 A2       Miyoshoji Park        
  82 A3       Inari Jinja        
  82 A3       Moyoshoji Temple        
  82 A4       Chudoji Temple        
  82 B1       Ontake Jinja        
  82 B2       Saginomiya Hachiman Shrine        
  82 B3       Rengeji Temple        
  82 B3       Sesoin Temple        
  82 C1       Nanzoin Temple        
  82 C2       Jissoin Temple        
  82 C2       Seikokuji Temple        
  82 C4       Inari Jinja        
  82 C4       Katokuin Temple        
  82 C4       Keenji Temple        
  82 C4       Saishoji Temple        
  82 D2       Jissoin Temple        
  82 D2       Meijidera Temple        
  82 D2       Rengeji Temple        
  82 D2       Ryozenji Temple        
  82 D2   48 B6 -   Tetsugakudo park   TFF157      
  82 D3       Arai Yakushi Temple        
  82 D3       Fukujuin temple        
  82 D3       Hikawa Jinja        
  82 D3       Tenso Jinja        
  82 D3   56 B2   Nakano Broadway Mall   Mandrake - CAC p.18
Taco Che - CAC p.24
  85 A1
Not Visible
  51 G5
Not Visible
  Mokuboji   TN&T p.217   Located on the East side of the river in the area between the Sujin Ohasi and Shirahigebash bridges.
Google Street View
  85 A1   51 G5
Not Visible
  Shirahama jinja   TN&T p.218      
  85 A1       Sumidagawa Jinja          
  85 A2       Matsuchiyama Shoden Temple          
  85 A2   51 G6
Not Visible
  Kofukuji   TN&T p.259-260      
  85 A2       Matsuchiyama Shoden Temple          
  85 A2   51 G6
Not Visible
  Shirahige jinja - shrine of white whiskers to Jurojin   TN&T p.263-4      
  85 A3
Not Visible
Just N of Kotobashi Bridge
      Sumida Heritage Museum       An interesting local museum on the history of Sumida-ku.
Google Street View
  85 A4       Mimeguri Jinja          
  85 A4       Ushijima Jinja          
  85 A4       Mimeguri Jinja          
  85 A4       Ushijima Jinja          
  85 B3       Ryuganji Temple          
  85 B4       Fumonji Temple          
  85 B4       Kamedo Suijin Shrine          
  85 B4       Kamedo Tenjin Shrine          
  85 B4       Katori-myojin   EWG p.207   Google Street View  
  85 B4
Not Visible
      Azuma-jinja   EWG p.207      
  85 B4
Not Visible
      Jokoji   EWG p.211   Google Street View  
  85 B4       Kameido Tenmangu   TN&T p.268-70   18 A-3 in the Tokyo Metropolitan Atlas  
  85 C2       Kinegawa Yakushi Temple          
  85 C3       Anyoji Temple          
  85 C3       Hirai Shoten Temple          
  85 C4       Meki Fudo Temple (Saishoji Temple)          
  85 D2       Jobonji Temple          
  85 D2       Tenso Jinja          
  85 D4       Eifukuji Temple          
  85 D4       Senshoji Temple          
  86 A2       Koshoji Temple          
  86 A3       Jushoin Temple          
  86 A3       Osugi Jinja          
  86 B1       Mampukuji Temple          
  86 B1       Tenso Jinja          
  86 B1       Zenyoji Temple          
  86 B4       Residence of Nanushi          
  86 C3       Asama Jinja          
  87 A1       Zenrenji Temple          
  87 A3       Jindaiji       This temple has a pet cemetary and columbarium, The neighborhood is known for soba.  
  87 A4       Gionji Temple          
  87 B1       Ghibli Museum          
  87 B1       Kotorinomoro (Forest of Birds)          
  87 B3       Shuseiji Temple          
  87 C1       Shimpukuji Temple          
  87 C2       Kogenin Temple          
  87 C2       Myojuji Temple          
  87 C2       Zommyoji Temple          
  87 C3       Hojoji Temple          
  87 C4       Shimmei Jinja          
  87 D1       Jikoji Temple          
  87 D1       Kasuga Jinja          
  87 D2       Sui Jinja          
  87 D3       Ioji Temple          
  87 D4       Anniji Temple          
  87 D4       Roka Park          
  87 D4       Togakuin Temple          
  88 A1       Chudoji Temple          
  88 A1       Zempukujigawa Park          
  88 A4       Hoshoji Temple          
  88 A4       Togakuin Temple          
  88 B1       Hoshojo Temple          
  88 B2       Archeological Site of Matsudo          
  88 B2       Omiya Hachimangu Shrine          
  88 B2       Wadesboro Park          
  88 B3       Eifukuji Temple          
  88 B3       Hachiman Jinja          
  88 B3       Inari Jinja          
  88 B3       Kakuzoji Temple          
  88 B3       Tsukiji Hoganji Temple Byosho ( Mausoleum)          
  88 B4       Joshoji Temple          
  88 B4       Mitsuzoin Temple          
  88 B4       Saifukuji Temple          
  88 C1       Katokuon Temple          
  88 C1       Keianji Temple          
  88 C1       Myohoji Temple          
  88 C1       Shinseiji Temple          
  88 C2       Daienji Temple          
  88 C2       Kumano Jinja Shrine          
  88 C2       Monjuin Temple          
  88 C2       Museum of Local History          
  88 C4       Enjoin Temple          
  88 D1       Fukujuin Temple          
  88 D1       Hikawa Jinja          
  88 D2       Hofukuji Temple          
  88 D2       Tada Jinja          
  88 D4       Shimokitazawa   TMG p.52-79   This neighborhood is a treasure trove of small unusual shops. Plenty of records, used clothing and toys.  
  88 D4       Kitazawa Hachiman Shrine          
  88 D4
Not Visible
      Omocha Tengoku 2Choume 3Banchi   TMG p.60-61   Lots of toys, according to the TMG on Friday, Saturday and Sunday the stuff outside is on sale.
Location 5-30-3 Daizawa, Setagaya-ku
Google Street View
  88 D4       Shinganji Temple          
  88 D4
Not Visible
      Village Vanguard Shimokitazawa   TMG p.63   Books, manga, toys records and other items.
Location 2-10-15 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku
Google Street View
  88 D4
Not Visible
      Kamikaze Style   TMG p.67   T-shirts designed by Shinji Himekawa, who did the shirts for Detroit Metal City, for hardcore fans.
Location 2-25-8 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku
  88 D4
Not Visible
      Shimokita Garage Department   TMG p.67   A small mall of used clothing shops. The name comes from the fact that this location was a parking lot at one time.
Location 2-25-8 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku
  88 D4
Not Visible
      Sunny   TMG p.68   A plastic model shop with two stories of goods.
Location 2-12-1 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku
  88 D4
Not Visible
      Jet Set Tokyo   TMG p.70   Records of all types. Located on a second floor in a small street,
2-33-12-201 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku
  88 D4
Not Visible
      Diskunion Shimokitazawa   TMG p.72   New and used records of all types. located on a second floor in a small street.
1-40-7 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku
  88 D4
Not Visible
      Yellow Pop   TMG p.72   Used records and CDs of all types.
2-9-23 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku
  88 D4
Not Visible
      Flash Disc Ranch   TMG p.72   Used records of all types.
2nd floor at 2-12-16 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku
  88 D4
Not Visible
      Shimokitazawa Ichibangai Shopping Street   TMG p.74   Lots of cafes and small shops includine used clothing. Located North of Shimokitazawa Station.  
  88 D4
Not Visible
      Cafe Use   TMG p.74   A small no smoking, no cell phone, no pictures cafe. Said to make excellent coffee
3-31-3 Kitazawa Setagaya-ku
  88 D4
Not Visible
      Warugaki Salon   TMG p.75   Old cheap style candies and toys.
3-34-4 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku
  88 D4
Not Visible
      Tamaiya   TMG p.79   A rice cracker shop, sold by weight or single crackers.
2-31-1 Daizawa, Setagaya-ku
  91 A2       Kiba Koen Park       The Koto Ward Citizen's Festival is held here in October.  
  91 A2       Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art          
  91 D1       Eifukiji Temple          
  91 D1       Zenshoji Temple          
  92 A1       Choshoji Temple          
  92 A1       Katori Jinja          
  92 A3       Bonnonji Temple          
  92 A3       Kactori Jinja          
  92 A4       Shinzoin Temple          
  92 A4       Subway Museum          
  92 B1       Daiunji Temple          
  92 B2       Myofukuji Temple          
  92 B3       Zempukuji Temple          
  92 B4       Dairenji Temple          
  92 B4       Shofukuji Temple          
  92 B4       Toyouke Jinja          
  92 C3       Genshinji Temple          
  93 A3       Chonenji Temple          
  93 A4       Kofukuji Temple          
  93 B2       Izumi Jinja          
  93 B3       Senryuji Temple          
  93 B4       Chofukuji Temple          
  93 B4       Joshoji Temple          
  93 C1       Meishoin Temple          
  93 C3       Hikawa Jinja          
  93 C3       Keiganji Temple          
  93 C3       Keitanji Temple          
  93 D3       Chigyoin Temple          
  93 D3       Eianji Temple          
  93 D3       Hojuin Temple          
  93 D3       Myohiji Temple          
  93 D3       Hikawa Jinja          
  93 D3       Jokoji Temple          
  94 A1       Hoshoji Temple          
  94 A1       Joritsuji Temple          
  94 A2       Jissoji Temple          
  94 A3       Setagaya Art Museum          
  94 A4       Minobusan Betsuin Temple          
  94 A4       Tamagawa Jinja          
  94 B1       Joshoji Temple          
  94 B1       Jotokuin Temple          
  94 B1       Setagagya Hachiman Shrine          
  94 B2       Jissoin Temple          
  94 B2       Shokoji Temple          
  94 B4       Gyozenji Temple          
  94 B4       Kongoji Temple          
  94 B4       Tamagawa Daishi Temple (Gyokushin-Mitsuin Temple)          
  94 B4       Temso Jinja          
  94 C1       Gotokuji Temple          
  94 C1       Shoin Jinja          
  94 C2       Enkoin Temple          
  94 C3       Komazawa Park          
  94 C4       Fukazawa Fudo Temple          
  94 D1       Kitazawa Hachiman Shrine          
  94 D2   64 B3
Not Visible
  Meao Fudo (Kyogaku-in Temple)
4-15-1, Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
      One of Edo Goshiki Fudo.  
  94 D2   64 B3   Sangen-Jaya station       The eastern teminus of the Tōkyū Setagaya Line, one of the two surviving tramways in Tokyo.  
  94 D2       Setagaya Kannon Temple          
  94 D3       Ryuunji Temple          
  94 D4       Hikawa Jinja          
  94 D4       Ryugenji Temple          
  94 D4       Tokoji Temple          
  97 B1       Tropical Greenhouse Dome          
  97 B1       Yumejoshima Park          
  97 D2   68 C4   Kasai Rinkai Park   TFF p.153, 447      
  98 A3       Tokyo Disneyland          
  98 B2       Fureai-no-Mori Forest Park          
  99 A1       Ikuta Green Field Park          
  99 A1       Municipal Science Museum for Youth          
  99 A1       Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum          
  99 A2       Choanji Temple          
  99 B1       Chofukuji Temple          
  99 B1       Joshoji Temple          
  99 B1       Myorakuji Temple          
  99 B2       Togakuin Temple          
  99 C1       Higashi-Takane Forest Park          
  99 C1       Kodomo Yumepark          
  99 C1       Midorigaoka Cemetary          
  99 C1       Zemyoji Temple          
  99 D1       Empukuji Temple          
  99 D1       Kuji Fudo Temple          
  99 D2       Migawari Fudo Temple          
  99 D3       Maginu Jinja          
  99 D3       Saifukuji Temple          
  100 A2       Myooin Temple          
  100 A4       Chitose Jinja          
  100 A4       Nomanji Temple          
  100 A4       Shimmeisha Shrine          
  100 A4       Yogiji Temple          
  100 B1   71 G1   Goto Art Museum   TN&T p.442      
  100 B3       Jorakuji Temple          
  100 B4       Zenryuji Temple          
  100 C1       Kuhombutsu Temple (Joshinji Temple)          
  100 C1       Manganji Temple          
  100 C2       Denjoji Temple          
  100 C2       Shozenji Temple          
  100 C2       Todoroki Fudo Temple          
  100 C2       Todoroki Gorge          
  100 C3       Civic Museum          
  100 C3       Saimyoji Temple          
  100 D1       Okusawa Jinja          
  100 D1       Ryugenji Temple          
  100 D4       Mitsuzoin Temple          
  101 A2       Daionji Temple          
  101 A2       Senzoku-Ike Park          
  101 A3       Ontake Jinja          
  101 A4       Komyoji Temple          
  101 A4       Zomeiin Temple          
  101 B1       Mayaji Temple          
  101 B2       Koike Fishing Pond          
  101 B3       Kyosa Hachiman Shrine          
  101 B4       Hommonji Park          
  101 B4   71 G1   Ikegami Honmonji       On Oct 12 each year the Oeshiki, commemoration of the death of Nichiren Shonin, is held at Ikegami Honmonji. There is a parade of about 100 mando (lantern) groups from 6 p.m. to midnight.  
  101 C1       National Institute of Japanese Literature          
  101 C2       Nyoraji Temple          
  101 C3       Mampukuji Temple          
  101 C3       Zenkeiji Temple          
  101 D3       Iwai Jinja          
  101 D3       Omori Shell Mound          
  101 D3       Shinakawa Aquarium          
  102 A1       Kaianji Temple          
  102 B3       Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park          
  104 A1       Enryuji Temple          
  104 A1       Myohoji Temple          
  104 A1       Myohoji Temple          
  104 A2       Enkokuji Temple          
  104 A2       Kozenji Temple          
  104 A3       Ennoji Temple          
  104 A3       Josenji Temple          
  104 B1       Ida Jinja          
  104 B2       Sennenji Temple          
  104 B2       Shimoda Jinja          
  104 B2       Shimpukuji Temple          
  104 B2       Zenkyoji Temple          
  104 B3       Daishoin Temple          
  104 B3       Kozoji Temple          
  104 B4       Chofukuji Temple          
  104 B4       Tsunashima Hot Spring          
  104 C2       Myokaiji Temple          
  104 C4       Iseyama Jinja          
  104 C4       Komaoka Hachiman          
  104 D1       Muryoji Temple          
  104 D2       Kashimada Daijinja          
  104 D3       Amaterasu Omikami          
  104 D3       Yumemigasaki Park          
  104 D3       Zoological Park          
  104 D4       Ogura Jinja          
  105 A1       Nitta Jinja          
  105 A3       Shomyoji Temple          
  105 A3       Tomyoji Temple          
  105 B3       Myokoji Temple          
  105 B3       Plum Grove          
  105 B4       Lazona Kawasaki Plaza          
  105 C3       Rokugo Jinja          
  105 D1       Dairinji Temple          
  105 D1       Goshoji Temple          
  105 D2       Tenso Jinja          
  105 D4       Kanayama-jinja (iron penis shrine)          
  105 D4       Kawasaki Daishi Heikenji Temple          
  106 A3       Anamori Inari Shrine          
  106 A4       Hoeji Temple          
  106 C2       Haneda Airport          
    Tokyo Metropolitan Atlas
What's there: Resources to read for further information. Notes:
  52 D2   Inokashira Park   TFF p.152    
  52 D2   Inokashira Benzaiten       Located on a small island in Inokashira Park.  
  52 E3   Ghibli Museum        
  55 I2   Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum          
  79 G3   Kodaira Furusato Park (Kodaira Furusato Mura)   TFF p.154   A park devoted to the preservation of older buildings in a village format.  
  Outside Tokyo:   What's there:   Resources to read for further information.   Notes, including links:  
  Chiba   National Museum of Japanese History in Sakura City of Chiba Prefecture.          
  Kawagoe   A short train ride from Tokyo is a town that has preserved many of it's old buildings.   Welcome to Kawagoe, the English portion of the web site of the Kawagoe Tourism Association.   The third weekend of each October is the Kawagoe Festival. The closest station to the festival area is Honkawagoe Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line, there is a Limited Express train from Tokyo. You can also get off at Kawagoe Station and walk the short distance to the festival.
Kawagoe Festival English Website
  99 A1       Nihon Minkaen (The Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum)       A collection of, currently 25, traditional rural buildings.  
  100 B3       Jorakuji Temple       This is the Manga Dera that Frederik L. Schodt mentioned in his famous book Manga! Manga! (p,17). It is a good idea to make an appointment if you wish to see more than the grounds.
Google Street View
  105 D4   77 G4   Kawasaki Daishi Heikenji Temple.       The head temple of the Shingonshu-Chisan Buddhist sect. Traditionally a good place to pray for strong legs.  
  105 D4
Not Visible
  77 G4   Wakamiya Hachiman-gū Shrine
Not in the atlas but a direct walk from the Kawasaki Daishi station, cross the intersection and follow the larger road that branches off second from the right.
      This stop is only if we feel up to a side trip. We plan to get gifts for friends here.
The shrine is famous for the Kanamara Matsuri
  Saitama City   The Railway Museum       The successor of the Transportation Museum formerly in Kanda, Tolkyo.
Located in Saitama City, to get there take a train to the JR Omiya Station and take the New Shuttle to Tetsudo-Hakubutsukan Station.
          Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum       Google Street View  
          Yamashita Park/Port Area       Google Maps View  
          Yokohama China Town       Google Maps View  
          Minato Mirai 21       The location of a massive urban redevelopment project, the area includes residences, shops, convention center and entertainment facilities.
Yokohama Visitor's Guide page to the Minato Mirai 21 area
Google Maps View
          Cup Noodle Museum       This new museum, opened mid September 2011, near the Minato Mirai and Sakuragicho stations is devoted to the world wide popular Japanese export.  
          Sakuragi-cho/Noge areas       Google Maps View  
          Honmoku/Negishi/Isogo areas       Google Maps View  
          Kannai/Isezaki-cho Areas       Google Maps View  
          Motomachi/Yamate Areas       Google Maps View  
          Tsurumi/Northern Yokohama       Google Maps View  

* Resources:
These were handy for tracking down many items in the table.
CAC = Macias, Patrick and Machiyama Tomohiro. Cruising the Anime City
EWG = English Walking Guide to Old Edo-Historical Sights in Modern Tokyo
TFF = Pompian, Susan. Tokyo for Free. Note it is worth buying this book for your trip. Many free locations listed in it are to0 small to be on the maps above.
TMA = Tokyo Metropolitan Atlas
TMG = Tokyo Maniacs Guide
TN&T = Tokyo Now & Then: An Explorer's Guide by Paul Waley

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