Three Travelers, Two Weeks + Tokyo in 2007

In 2007 three comrads, Cindy Olen, Steven Farnum and I, spent two weeks rambling about in Tokyo. Forget what you have heard about this city being expensive we did two weeks for about $2,400 each for air fare, housing, meals and local travel. But then we were here to enjoy the city itself not spend time in fancy hotels, restaurants or clubs. Both Cindy and Steven are photographers so our travel was at a leasurely pace as they spent time to take plenty of pictures

For those who follow my blog it was easy to read along as the trip took place, however for those who wish to check out the record later I have created this "table of contents" to make it easier.

This page is a day by day index to my blog postings of the trip, plus my later postings of select photos, mostly taken by Steven. This way you can easily follow what we did and enjoy the photos in context.

Description, posted from Tokyo: The Photos which were posted later:
  Tuesday the 16th, Wednesday the 17th   This was the day of the flight so I did not post any of the images from that date.
You may notice a time lag between the date of the posting of a day's description and the date of what is described. Actually they were almost all posted on the evening of the next day. I would write up a rough draft each evening, and then finalize the text early the next morning, after returning from the day I would use the Internet connection in the Ryokan office to make the posting and check email. Add into the this the fact that Tokyo is on the other side of the International Date Line from the US it tosses the posting dates even later.
  Ueno Death March part 1
Ueno Death March part 2
Ueno Death March part 3
  Finally the pictures
This was the only posting where all three of us wrote something. From here on out all the postings are from the mind of Gilles Poitras, the navigator for the trip. The title of this post was also part of Cindy's contribution.
  Friday 19th Steven Bennett IV, Nakano, Estaban, Leo and Shinjuku.   Images from the second day  
  Saturday 20th Akihabara, Kanda Jinja and Adolfo   Images from the Third Day  

Sunday 21st Laundry, shrines, flea markets and meeting many fun folks

  Images from Day Four, Sunday Oct 21
We were not the only photographers in the area so we ended up in Someone else's photos
  Monday 22nd Ono-san guides us through bookshops   These images are from Monday Oct 22  
  Tuesday the 23rd Kabuki-za, The Ginza, Takarazuka Theater, Imperial Palace, Masakado's Mound, Nihonbashi   Images from Tuesday the 23.  
  Wednesday the 24th The Ghibli Museum   Images from Wednesday Oct 24, part 1 &
Images from Wednesday Oct 24, part 2
  Thursday the 25th Nikko   Images from Thursday Oct 25  
  Friday the 26th Digital Meme, shirts and Meiji University   This was a rainy day so we spent it mainly indoors.  
  Saturday the 27th Edo-Tokyo Museum   There was much more rainy this day so we spent at the museum and did not bring cameras.  
  Sunday the 28th Meguro Fudo-son, yams, The Parasite Museum and more   At this point I ran out of steam and stopped selecting and posting pictures. Sorry about that.  
  Monday the 29th Himiko, the Sumidagawa, Odaba, a bridge and even more.    
  Tuesday the 30th Ueno Park at last   The next day we flew back to San Francisco, caught the BART train into Oakland and began to rest from the flight.
There will be more trips. For the plans of the next one see: Three Travelers, Two Weeks + Tokyo = ?

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