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** FINAL ISSUE ** July 2004 Volume 9 Number 7 Issue #103 ** FINAL ISSUE **

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Magazine and Translated Manga Releases by Date.

Japanese Cinema Releases by Date

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This is it, the final issue of this newsletter.

I want to thank Barbara Lundt, Daniel A. Wilson, Erin Michael Winking, Rob Maxwell and Teresa Copeland for helping out the last few months,

This is also the end of my weekly Anime and Manga Shopping Report as it depended on the information in my newsletter databases.

I can now focus on my column for Newtype USA, finishing The Anime Companion vol.2 and working on some essays.

It is hard to believe that I first began this newsletter project eight and a half years ago. I started this out of frustration over the difficulty involved in finding out what was coming out. I was able to print the first issue on three sheets of paper in 12 pt Palatino. The last time I checked a few months ago, when I was still covering anime, it was over 130 pages at 10 pt.

Even with help I was not able to sufficiently reduce the work load on the newsletter. Even when I stopped covering anime. But covering manga was a problem in that I did not want to drop the newsletter until I found another reliable source of information for fans, havine folks go to each companies web site was not good enough.

Now I have found a source. Manga Bits is doing a good job of posting release schedules by month. This is not as exact as I was doing since I was trying to list items by specific day but still it is a good way to list material.

One thing to note with manga is that the release dates are presently not as reliable as they used to be. With the dramatic increases in manga publishing it is not uncommon for items to reach the stores weeks early or late. All lists no matter how precise they try to be are rough estimates. For example in this issue many of the Viz titles have had their fates moved forward, and Dark Horse has delayed some of their titles.

Finally I would like to thank everyone for their support over the years and hope you continue to use my other web resources and buy my printed publications.



The sources I recommend for forthcoming dates are:


Anime News Network:

Anime on DVD:



And in general The Right Stuf, you can search their system by several criteria to find out what is available.

Whenever possible dates are from information supplied or published by the companies listed, via email, in their ads, Web pages or Usenet postings.

When information is not from the companies I have noted the source.

Information is organized by:
Street Release Date [Year-month/day (if available)] TITLE IN CAPS

Format (Comic, Graphic Novel, Magazine, Etc.)
*Company Name*
Verification [If I have seen the item on store shelves]

And by:
TITLE followed by the release date for easy checking for items you are anxious to have.

I include information for releases from the previous month's releases due to the fact that it sometimes takes far too long for titles to reach many localities due to distribution or production delays.

Permission is granted to re-post this list on any BBS or electronic service as long as no extra fees are charged for downloading it.

Web page duplication of this newsletter is not permitted, instead please link to:

If you have a store you regularly use you may wish to give them the URL of this document for their reference. I will also directly email this newsletter monthly to retailers upon request.


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