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Tokyo Stroll Supplement: Ginza and Nearby Areas

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This page indexes, contains corrections and has additions to the Ginza and Nearby Areas chapter of Tokyo Stroll.

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Akomeya: Tokyo Stroll page 136

Asahi Inari Jinja: Tokyo Stroll page 132

Azuma Inari Daimyōjin: Tokyo Stroll page 144

Café de l’Ambre / Kafe do Ramburu: Tokyo Stroll page 145

Cheepa’s Cafe: Tokyo Stroll page 145

Cheepa’s Gallery: Tokyo Stroll page 145

Dear Ginza: Tokyo Stroll page 136

Ginza Akebono: Tokyo Stroll page 144

Ginza Komatsu Miwa Jinja: Tokyo Stroll page 139

Ginza Matsuzaki Senbei: Tokyo Stroll page 139

Ginza Six / G Six: Tokyo Stroll page 137

Hachikan Jinja: Tokyo Stroll page 148

Hakuhinkan Toy Park: Tokyo Stroll page 146

Hōdō Inari Jinja: Tokyo Stroll page 134

Hōju Inari Jinja: Tokyo Stroll page 150

Itōya: Tokyo Stroll page 135

Kabuki Inari Jinja: Tokyo Stroll page 148

Kabukiza: Tokyo Stroll page 149

Kabukiza Gallery: Tokyo Stroll page 149

Kagami Crystal (カガミクリスタル)
[West of the area in the Ginza Detail 3 map and not far from the elevated train tracks]

Specializing in Edo Kiriko glassware, their parent company was established in 1934. They have an excellent selection of exquisitely carved glass in a variety of shapes and colors for a variety of uses. They use a base of high-quality crystal for maximum clarity, fuse colored glass onto it, then carve the patterns. Designs range from simple and elegant to complex. If you are looking for an expensive gift for a special person the beautiful items here would fit the bill. Their glassware is used in official receptions by the Imperial Household Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and for special events at every Japanese embassy and consulate. Some major department stores also have sections for Kagami Crystal products.

Kikunoya: Tokyo Stroll page 139

Kimuraya: Tokyo Stroll page 134

Kobikichō Square / Kobikichō Hiroba: Tokyo Stroll page 149

Kumagaya Inari Jinja: Tokyo Stroll page 145

Kūya: Tokyo Stroll page 139

Louis Vuitton Ginza: Tokyo Stroll page 135

Maison Hermès: Tokyo Stroll page 144

Matsuya Ginza: Tokyo Stroll page 135

Mikimoto Ginza 2: Tokyo Stroll page 136

Mitsukoshi Ginza: Tokyo Stroll page 132

Nakagin Capsule Tower 中銀カプセルタワー
[No longer exists, this entry is included here as the building is in so many travel books.]

I had long known of this building, having seen many photographs in magazines over the years. A few years back I was strolling through Shinbashi toward the Ginza when I turned a corner and spotted it. My camera went up instantly. Completed in 1972, this was one of the most iconic Tokyo structures from the 20th century. A developer had been impressed with the capsule design for Expo 1970 in Osaka by Kurokawa Kishō and asked him to design a similar building of offices and small apartments for this lot in Tokyo. There were a total of 140 capsules assembled off site and cantilevered to the two towers. Construction was completed in just thirty days. In 2007 the neighborhood, including some tenants, petitioned to have the building demolished and replaced, as it was in bad shape. However the demolition company hired to do so went out of business due to the 2008 market crash. A preservationist movement grew to prevent demolition and new tenants purchased capsules and moved in. However eventually demolition tok place in 2022.

Okuno Building: Tokyo Stroll page 136

Ōnoya: Tokyo Stroll page 138

Saiwai Inari Jinja: Tokyo Stroll page 136

Shinbashi Enbujō: Tokyo Stroll page 151

Shizuoka Press and Broadcasting Center / Shizuoka Shinbun Shizuoka Hōsō Biru: Tokyo Stroll page 148

Shōwadōri Ginza hodōkyō / Showa-dori Ginza Pedestrian Bridge [Tokimeki Bridge]: Tokyo Stroll page 150

Tansuya Ginzaten (たんす屋 銀座店)

Tansuya (たんす屋) is a famous chain selling new and used kimono and yukata. They describe themselves as a kimono recycle store. Frankly looking at the recycled kimono they are in great shape, not surprising as the Japanese tend to take good care of their stuff. There are many shops in Tokyo, I am adding them to these supplement pages and the bookmarks when I have a page for the area they are in.

Toyoiwa Inari Jinja: Tokyo Stroll page 148

Wakō Department Store: Tokyo Stroll page 134

Yamaha Ginza: Tokyo Stroll page 147

Yasuda Shōkeidō: Tokyo Stroll page 152

Yayoiken Ginza Inz (やよい軒 銀座インズ店)
[In the area under the elevated expressway in the Ginza Detail 1 map]

The local branch of the restaurant chain Yayoi, on the second floor. I include it here as this is an excellent place to get a Japanese style breakfast at very reasonable prices. As you enter there is a machine where you can order and pay for your meal. This is a touch screen device and has an English menu option for easy selection. Pay for your meal, collect your ticket and change then seat yourself. You don't need to be able to speak Japanese as the ticket has your selection. Refills on rice and tea are free, just help yourself.

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