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Tokyo Stroll Supplement


This series of pages is a supplement to my book Tokyo Stroll.

About the book.

Tokyo Stroll is a guide to twenty two neighborhoods in Tokyo. I describe specific locations in each neighborhood that may be of interest and let you wander as you want. It comes with maps which are detailed to the point that you will know how many buildings from a corner a location is, I hate having to try to figure out where I am from vague directions.
The book is for those who simply wish to wander about and look at what is there.

This page is the contents to supplementary material I hope improves the experience ot visiting Tokyo.

Guides intended to assist in your exploration of Tokyo.

Viewing Tokyo Stroll Locations in Organic Maps, Maps.Me, Google Maps
An explanation on using the free apps Organic Maps or Maps.Me as well as Google Maps in conjunction with bookmarks relating to the book and the supplemental information below.

Navigating Tokyo: The basics of getting around the city
An elementary guide to the basics of comfortably getting around Tokyo with little fuss. Much of this also applies to other Japanese cities.

Tokyo on the Cheap: The basics of keeping your expenses down
I have found Tokyo a very inexpensive place to visit. These are my tips for reducing your costs.

Regular Events and Festivals
A page listing regular events and festivals in Tokyo. With this travelers can plan out possible activities they would usually miss.

Eating In Tokyo
Tips on finding food in Tokyo, something that is not as straight forward as many expect. Included information deals with dietary restrictions, religious taboos, and lists major restaurant chains which are really pretty good.

Gift Shopping Suggestions
Tips and suggested shops grouped by topic to make shopping for gifts for others and yourself a bit easier.

Down the Sumidagawa With iPad and Camera
A plan for doing a long walk, in more than one day, down one of the most famous rivers of Tokyo with items to see that are on each bank. Much of what I have listed in this area is rarely covered in guidebooks.

Vicarious Tokyo: Resources of Enjoying a Fabulous City from a Distance
A page on resources to better understand Tokyo. Aimed at armchair travelers, those unable to visit the city, as well as fans of Japanese movies, anime, TV shows, novels and manga.

Additional Entries, Alerts, & Corrections

Additional entries for specific locations have red bookmarks in the map bookmarks if you have downloaded and imported the bookmarks files linked from the Viewing Locations in Organic Maps, Maps.Me, Google Maps, or Google Earth page.

Locations in the 23 Ku Area of Tokyo:

Locations in the Tama Area of Western Tokyo:

Day Trips and Pilgrimage Routes:

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